ACTS was a full-service recording and production company providing high-quality audio and video recording for conferences since 1973. They created streaming media for online presentations, besides offering audio and video cassettes, CDs and CD-ROMs. Their services were offered not only for meetings but also for training, product and process instruction, transcription and archival use.

Content is from the site's 2007-2008 archived pages.

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A founding charter member of the International Society of Communication Specialists, ACTS is recognized as an industry leader.

We provide a temporary addition of truly professional, experienced personnel to accomplish your recording and related needs. Meeting planning starts soon after an agreement is signed, performed by an experienced show-proven manager who will walk through the project in advance. Our online order forms promote your conference to any who could not attend. Customer service before, during and after the conference includes: source retention of recording libraries and the timely, reliable fulfillment of mail, email, FAX and telephone orders.

ACTS is on your team without being on your payroll. Call us today to discover what an experienced conference recording company can provide you and your members.

"When You're Ready..."

We're convinced that you have important information to communicate to clients, customers, staff and employees. The spot advertisement titled "When You're Ready..." is based on a thirty second PowerPoint presentation, just to show you what's possible.
      Our staff wants to share our message with you: "When you're ready to get your message to your audience in new and compelling ways" we're ready to help - from concept, through production to distributon.
      Call us at 314.487.0135 or toll free 800.642.2287 to find out just how affordable compelling communications can be.


Premium Audio Proceedings Conference Package

Most meetings worth having are worth recording. Imagine this scenario: a member attended your conference and was so impressed with what he learned that he knew it could improve his organization. He fearfully realizes that his recollection of material and some simple notes are all he has to rely on.

The long term success of your conference is likely dependant upon the application of its messages by your members. Lets face it, if companies have to work hard to see value in the education at your conference they simply won’t expend the time or money to send employees.

ACTS Inc. is on the cutting edge of technological advances that bring the highest quality product for the most affordable price. Thirty years ago cassettes were the answer. Today, a set of 200 cassettes is too costly and too bulky to compare to higher quality audio with all of the PowerPoint slides on 4 CD-ROMs for a tiny fraction of the cost. With 200 hours of audio on four discs, there is an opportunity for four different sponsors to display their logos on the label and include their messages inside each sponsored disc. Even if the cost is added to registration, our prices are so reasonable that your association can easily add a significant profit margin without making it cumbersome for your members. Whoever pays that registration fee will reap the benefit of efficiently archiving your entire conference. The ability to share your conference with associates and subordinates would be a bargain at whatever price your organization chooses to set. Whether by sponsorship or registration increase our Premium Audio Proceedings Conference Package is priced to add non-dues revenue over and above the cost of this service.

The Premium Conference package is a win-win-win in any way the project is structured. Attendees bring all the educational sessions home, apparently for free--Win! You provide this apparently free service to attendees, while earning non-dues revenue--Win-Win! And ACTS is able to continue providing this quality service well into your future--Win-Win-Win!

ACTS® Conference Products & Services
Congratulations! You found us. That's the hard part. From here it only gets easier, whether you are a meetings manager looking to provide your members with the top-notch tools they demand for adding maximum value to your meeting (Conference Services), a consumer looking to find out more about our products Conference Products), or trying to order sessions online (Order), we are here to serve your needs. Since 1973, our mission is to provide the highest quality conference recording using the best professional equipment on the market and offer them to members in the most affordable package possible. As a founding charter member of the International Society of Communications Specialists, ACTS® has long been recognized as an industry leader. Call 800-642-2287 now to have a winning team working for you!
ACTS®...on your team, not on your payroll!


ACTS® Business Services Capturing educational content at conferences and creating conference products in the digital age employ a growing skill set that ACTS® leverages to provide communications services for business. Whether you're looking to communicate online, through digital media, on iPod or iPhone talk to us first at 314.487.0135 or toll free 800.642.2287.
          We've produced a :30 spot titled "When You're Ready..." to demonstrate some possibilities. Check it out here! And don't forget to download the Quicktime version to your iPod or iPhone.


"We're based in NYC and have our own facility, but we have used this facility for an emergency remote voice session. While in production for a children's music and variety program, our voice talent, who was visiting parents in St. Louis, was able to contribute some added lines remotely, from this studio. We had a phone connection for direction and Mike handled the recording. Was a snap." Bob Sakayama, CEO TNG/Earthling


Welcome to 1st Class Recording Services

Since 1973, ACTS is recognized as an industry leader, providing the highest quality recordings using the best professional equipment on the market and offering them in the most affordable package possible. Please read on to learn about specific products we can supply at your next meeting. Call now to add a winning team to your staff!


Continuing Education Credits

If your meetings provide can CD ROMs. We can add a link to an online test for verifying comprehension of the session. Now you have added a tremendous value to the CD ROM package while maintaining the integrity of your accreditation process. With test results sent directly to your organization you can provide perhaps the most comprehensive and convenient means of keeping members up to the minute in new advances in their field.


Add Revenue With Phone Conferences

Yes! We can dial in to your phone conferences and produce the same products that we offer our live conference attendees. We can even arrange to host a phone conference for you at very little expense. Call 800-642-2287 for more information.


Members Demand More...We Deliver With Audio Conference CD-ROMS

Through the years, sessions and speakers rely more and more on PowerPoint and handouts to deliver educational content. A medical speech on tape or CD is simply insufficient when the speaker refers over and over to charts and graphs. Just as your organization probably follows as many possible suggestions from conference evaluations, we too aim to provide what your members really want. The result...ACTS' Audio Conference CD ROMs. ACTS personnel will audio record the sessions digitally, edit the audio, collect the PowerPoint and handout files, and produce a menu-driven CD ROM that proudly conveys the look of your conference package. Now purchasers have all the information they want in their hands and as a one to five disc package they will save hundreds and even thousands of dollars over the mountain of audio tapes or CDs of the same material. Call 800-642-2287 now to find out just how easy it is to add value and convenience to your next meeting.

How Does Quality Marketing Benefit You?

Substantially higher sales! Adding the Audio Conference CD ROM and its corresponding marketing has improved sales to a degree that larger events have doubled and tripled for some associations, and allowed us to reduce and/or eliminate any service charges from many smaller meetings. Chances are good that your concern for members far outweighs monetary benefit to your association, but don't take for granted that dramatic increases in sales stem from happy customers receiving exactly what they want...the entire conference (audio and visual) for about the same price they previously got a handful of tapes. When all marketing pieces look like your conference package, who is providing members this wonderful resource?...You! Call 800-642-2287 now to begin reaping the rewards of our labor.

How We Make You Look Good With Marketing. Why Just the CD ROM?

As individual session recording products, there is little marketing potential. An order form listing the sessions, prices and order information placed in registration packets was about all that could be done. The product was just too broad to market in any way that makes sense. With the Audio Conference CD ROM you now have one concise package to market to your members. Using the same graphics you use for your conference program, ACTS will design 22" x 28" signs (pictured right) to arrange in hallways near breakout sessions and half page flyers (pictured left) to place on general session chairs. Not only does the marketing look good and direct people to the sales location, but it briefly and succinctly explains the Audio Conference CD ROM.

Synchronized CD ROMs...For Better or Worse

Perhaps the ultimate tool available to your members is synchronized audio and PowerPoint RealMedia CD ROMs. While several hours of labor per session must be factored into the cost of this product for synchronizing, it is in many ways the most desirable media for sharing exact educational material as presented in meeting sessions. We com-bine the digitally captured audio and PowerPoint slides from each session and convert it to a Real Media show. The slides will "flip" automat-ically at the correct time, providing users the experience of actually sitting in the meeting.

What About Tapes and CDs?

With all of the benefits of newer technology, is it worth offering individual tapes and CDs? The short answer is YES. One reason is that some customers still want to purchase one or two sessions. Perhaps an even stronger argument for single session products is in maintaining the value comparison with its Audio Conference CD ROM counterpart. When the individual session order form reminds you that a 100 session set would cost you $1,000 or more it is easy to see the value of a CD ROM with PowerPoint and handouts for $149. Though the vast majority of associations have opted out of tapes (preferring CDs) it is sales that best dictates what to offer. When single session CDs are offered by mail and shipped a week after the conference, ACTS will provide digitally edited sessions as opposed to raw recordings duplicated onsite. Digital editing allows many off-mic questions to be raised, noises (caused by computers or air conditioners etc.) to be reduced or eliminated, and is received with much greater customer satisfaction. Call 800-642-2287 now for samples and/or quote.

ACTS Conference Capture

ACTS is uniquely qualified and equipped to record meetings where each member of a board must be captured (i.e. for transcription). As the picture (right) shows, all seats of a board meeting have a wired microphone and the main speaker is given a wireless mic. We can even sound reinforce (using small anchor speakers) the main speaker while keeping the microphones stationed around the U shape table "dead" for recording or transcription purposes only. Just tell us the location and schedule, and the desired output, and we will promptly deliver it following the conference. ACTS Conference Capture requires such a talented technician (especially for whispering speaker names as they talk for transcription purposes) and a vast supply of quality equipment, that ACTS has become recognized as the most experienced, well-equipped, and economical source of this service. Call 800-642-2287 for specifics and a price quote.